Monday, August 17, 2015

Dancing in the Rain!

Another rainy week... I got sick Friday from being outside in the rain a little too long on Thursday, so we had to stay inside all day. I was super bored! But my companion took good care of me and I was all better to go out and work the next day. :)

Saturday, we went to a place called Veronica to help the missionaries there with a Tormenta Blanca. There were 10 of us missionaries all together and it was a great time! We did lots of street contacting and a lovely member couple made us empanadas for lunch afterwards.

Yesterday, the sun came out and the weather was PERFECT! It couldn`t have been a more beautiful Sunday :) We had a full chapel! It was amazing! We also had our first ´Family Home Evening´ with Maxi and Maya, two of our English class students. Maxi is a 23 year-old guy who doesn`t have much of a church background. Maya is his 9 year-old sister. We decided to share a message about Jesus Christ, who He is and what He did, which went really well! They were very interested and the spirit was there :) Afterwards, I taught them how to make brownies and we played a quick game of checkers. They are awesome! Little by little, they are coming to know the gospel!

Today for P-day we had our District Activity! We made Completos, a typical food in Chile :) It`s basically a foot-long hot dog with tomato, avocado, and ketchup! Very tasty! We also watched two Disney movies: Big Heroes and Inside Out. It was a fun time :) 

My Grandpa sent me this quote last week and I love it! 

"When you feel like you are DOWN to nothing-- God must be UP to something!"

I couldn`t agree more :) God has a plan for every single one of us! All we need to do is try our best every day, and then wait patiently and faithfully. Heavenly Father always fulfills His promises :) 

Take care! Love you all!!

Con amor, Hermana Orgill

1- Happy Birthday to Hermana Dominga and Hermano Martìn!
2- Hermana González and I, ready to go out and work in the cold :)
3- Tormenta Blanca in Veronica
4- Dancing in the Rain!!

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