Monday, March 28, 2016

Attitudes are contagious... is yours worth catching? :)
March 21, 2016

Happy first day of Fall! :)

We traveled to La Plata again this week for a Gira Misional (Mission Tour) with Elder Spitale (Area 70) from Córdoba, Argentina! 6 more hours in a bus, yay! But the talk we had with Elder Spitale was amazing! It has really made a difference in the week! :) He talked a lot about attitudes and the importance of opening our mouths to talk with everyone! So my companion and I decided to put it to the test and WOW! Miracles!
The day after the chat with Elder Spitale, we tried even harder than usual to talk with everyone and to have a positive attitude. Before lunchtime, 2 of our appointments had fallen through and I had a giant headache, but that didn`t stop us! We kept going hard and the blessings came! We found so many families who were willing to listen to our message and make follow up appointments for later on in the week! We found one woman, named Doris, who had all the golden questions a missionary loves to hear: what`s the difference between your church and all the other churches out there? How can I know which one is true? It was amazing! We left her with a Book of Mormon and an appointment to go back and see her! A little miracle :)
On Sunday, we had 4 investigators in church: Karen, Aylen, Facundo, and Victor! That was quite the little miracle as well, since almost everyone in Villa Gesell works on Sunday. That`s one of the biggest challenges here. We`re really seeing a lot of progress in Gesell! The Lord is busy at work and so are we! :)
Today for P-day, our District got together in Villa Gesell to play sand volleyball at the beach (now that beach season is over and all the tourists have fled). It was a blast! Never have I enjoyed the feel of sand between my toes so much before :)
Honestly, a week to remember!
Take care everyone :) love you all!
Con amor, Hermana Orgill
1- Crazy Companionship Selfies :)
2- Beach volleyball with the District! 
3- WAFFLES with Dulce de leche and bananas :) heaven!
4- On the bus to La Plata to the Gira Misional!
5- We stayed the night in the apartment of my first area, La Plata 1! With my lovely Hermana Glazier and Hermana Ccorrahua :) Slept on the floor... but still a fun time!
Patience is a virtue :)
March 14, 2016

I was on the move almost all week, I hardly spent any time in my area Villa Gesell! But it was still a wonderful week :) On Tuesday we had our Zone Conference and then I had companionship exchanges in Pinamar with Hermana Mortensen, from Utah. During Zone Conference, we practiced teaching short, powerful versions of the Restoration lesson. My group was made up of 4 Hermanas and... our mission president, President Nuñez! It`s always a little nerve wracking when the mission president watches you over your shoulder, but it`s also always a great learning experience! We were able to put the nerves aside and really follow the spirit, making room for the spirit to testify of the simple truths.
I also had companionship exchanges in Pinamar with Hermana Ramirez, from Mexico. She`s a wonderful missionary and has so much love for everyone around her! It was a great intercambio :)

Saturday, we spent the day in Mar de Ajó helping with a Tormenta Blanca and doing street contacts to find those who have been prepared to hear the gospel! Today we had our Zone Activity for P-day! We made tacos and played volleyball :) Just a nice, relaxed activity!
I`ve definitely had to put in practice the divine virtue of patience this week, having to travel so much and not being able to work in my area most of the week. But I was still able to see many miracles! Karen, our golden investigator, came to church on Sunday and to the Branch Family Home Evening on Sunday night! She amazes us more and more each day with her desires to come to church, even with the tough situation that she`s in. All I know is that the Gospel blesses lives and helps us become better each and every day :)
"Oh, how we need to love God! For what we love determines what we seek. What we seek determines what we think and do. What we think and do determines who we are- and who we will become."  -Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Love you all! Take care :)
Hermana Orgill
1- Hermana Lemos and I at the Zone Conference :)
2- My Zone- The Coast!
3- Intercambio with Hermana Mortensen :)
4- Intercambio with Hermana Ramirez :)
5- Companionship unity ;)
The Lord`s Time :)
March 7, 2016

I`m short on time today, but it has been a crazy week! I had to travel to Quilmes this week for a Leadership Meeting and it`s a 7 hour trip! Plus, I guess it`s expensive to travel from Villa Gessel to Quilmes, so they sent me on my own! I traveled with 2 other Elders, the Zone Leaders here in the Coast, and my companion stayed behind with the Sisters in Villa Gesell B! It was definitely a new experience being without a companion at my side, very lonely! But now I`m back in Villa Gesell with Hermana Lemos :) 

Yesterday, our Branch had a Talent Show! It had a great turn out! Lots of members and less active members showed up :) My companion and I, along with the Sisters of Villa Gesell B, did a skit about a lifeguard saving a little girl from drowing at the beach. It was quite the site :) Other members sang, did comedy, and the Young Men and Young Women did a musical number using random household items as instruments! It was a fun time :)

I was out of my area for 2 days and then I had an intercambio with Hermana Cannon! We had a fun time working together in Villa Gesell B :) It has been kind of a slow week, not being able to work in my area much, but I found a scripture in D&C 123:17.

"Therefore, dearly beloved brethren, let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power; and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed." 

Everything happens in the Lord´s time :) All we can do is try our best, do our part, and do it cheerfully :) Then God will do the rest! 

Love you all! Take care! 

Con amor, Hermana Orgill

1- 4 Generations at the Elder Bednar meeting! :) My "daughter" Hermana Wilson, her "daughter", and so on! 
2- Intercambio with Hermana Cannon!
3- Loving those beach sunrises in Villa Gesell :)
4- Live the Gospel Joyfully :)

The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways :)
February 22, 2016

Well, turns out that our investigator, Julio, is going on a trip to Corrientes, Argentina this week and he doesn´t know when he´ll be coming back! He thinks it will be in about 3-4 weeks. So a big pause has been put on his baptism! He took the Book of Mormon with him though, to read during the trip. So we´ll be praying for him and we´ll see when he gets back :)

We found an amazing investigator this week though! Her name is Karen, she´s 20 years old and the daughter of one of our investigators. We taught her about the Restoration and showed her the Restoration video, the spirit was so strong! She even said the closing prayer to end the lesson, which was the first prayer she has ever said in her entire life! She also came to the sports activity that we had at the church on Wednesday. Best of all, she came to church yesterday!! :) It was amazing! She has a little 2 year-old boy named Alexander and another little one on the way! The only thing is that she´s not married... but she really seems to be feeling the spirit and loving every minute of it! Miracles happen every day, the Lord works in mysterious ways :) 

For P-day today, we went to the sand dunes as a district! It was a blast! And super hot and windy! Now I understand Lehi´s journey through the wilderness with his family a little bit better ;) 

We´re going to hear from Elder Bednar this week, so we´ve been studying some talks from him! Here´s a quote that I really like :)

"Knowing that the gospel is true is the essence of a testimony. Consistently being true to the gospel is the essence of conversion." 
-Elder David A. Bednar

I hope that this is the goal each day that we rise out of bed: To become truly converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ, little by little and step by step. I love you all :) Take care!!

Con amor, Hermana Orgill

1- District activity at the sand dunes :)
2- Relief Society Activity with our investigator, Karen :) 

Welcome to the Coast: Villa Gesell A!

February 8, 2016


It was tough to say goodbye to everyone in Berazategui and especially to Hermana Magdaleno. I have learned so much during my 6 months in Berazategui and during my 3 months with Hermana Magdaleno! The Lord knew what he was doing when he put us together in an area so amazing! The people, the experiences, and the memories made there will be a blessing in my life forever. I`ll never forget my little piece of Heaven. :)
Now it´s time to get to work! 4 hours away by car, 6 hours away by bus: Welcome to La Costa! I am now in the area of Villa Gesell, on the Coast of Argentina! And can I just say... I am NOT in Quilmes anymore! It´s a whole different world here! It´s going to take some getting used to, but I know it will be amazing! My companion is Hermana Lemos, from Cordoba Argentina. We had a companion exchange while I was in Olmos, so we had already met before! She´s a crack up, we get along great :) So let the adventure begin!

Love, Hermana Orgill

1- Mi hijita, Hermana Magdaleno! All grown up :) 
2- My new companion, Hermana Lemos, and I on our way to Villa Gesell :)
3- Guess who I will be sharing a house with in Villa Gesell... Hermana Cannon! :) 
4- The Jancko family
5- The Martinez family
6- The Cardoso family

I´m going to miss my Berazategui ward family!

February 1, 2016

Another wonderful week in the Argentina, Buenos Aires East mission! :) Nothing too out of the ordinary. Oh yeah, except... we went to the temple!! I LOVE the temple :) Every time I go there, I am reminded of the many blessings that our Heavenly Father has prepared for us! All we have to do is live the gospel :) Everything that Heavenly Father has created for us- nature, families, friends- is so that we may have JOY! So let´s live the gospel joyfully :)  

We met a new investigator this week, Sarah. She´s amazing! She´s 22-years old and is very open to listen to our message! We were able to share with her the Book of Mormon and she expressed to us her curiosity towards our church. She told us that she had always passed by the church and felt like she should go in but that it was always closed. She didn´t know that we meet on Sunday´s at 9:30-12-30pm. It´s never a coincidence that we meet people in the street! The Lord has a plan :) 

Today is the last P-day of the transfer, so we went to Burger King and Grido ice cream with our recent convert, Aldana. A fun little treat before transfers :) We´ll see what happens next week!

Have a great week, love you all! :)

Con amor, Hermana Orgill

1- Intercambio with my little beefling, Hermana Sánchez :) 
2- Temple trip with Hermana Magdaleno :)
3- My sisters :)
4- P-day with Aldana- Burger King and Grido ice cream!