Monday, September 28, 2015

All is well :)

I`ve never had 5 companions in one week before, so this week was quite the adventure! :) I had intercambios on Tuesday with Hermana Sánchez from Draper, Utah. She`s a crack up! It rained ALL day, but we still had a good time! We got to teach English to one of our recent converts, Diego Colagrande. He grew up in Italy and moved here with his family about 5 months ago, so he`s going to know 3 languages: Spanish, Italian, and English! 

Then on Wednesday, I had another intercambio with Hermana Lazaro from Peru and Hermana Flores from Chile. It was another day of rain, but we had a fun Family Home Evening with a member family and their non-member friend. We had a tower building competition using toothpicks and potato chunks, and then talked about the Wise man and the Foolish man and how we need to build on a good foundation, which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ! It was very creative :) 

Friday night, we took a trip with the Jancko family to Ezpeleta (about 15 minutes away by car) to see the Quilmes Ward Talent Show! Hermana Toala, a sister missionary from Samoa, danced to the Lilo & Stitch Hawaiian song, which was amazing! I felt like I was in Hawaii for a split second ;) a little girl sang "Let it go" from Frozen as well, which was more than adorable! We had a great time :)

Saturday, we helped out with a Capilla Abierta in Wilde. I spent most of my time with Hermana Toala, taking investigators on tours of the church and standing outside, inviting everyone to come take a look! We had the opportunity to meet a young lady in the street and invite her to read the Book of Mormon! She accepted the invitation and walked away browsing through the pages! The Book of Mormon is the key :) I know it with all my heart! 

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day, full of sunshine! There were plenty of families to talk to outside, soaking up the sun! And today has just been a relaxed P-day, nothing to eventful :) All in all, it was a wonderful week :) Love you all! Take care and enjoy General Conference this weekend! Soak in the spirit!! :) 

Con amor, Hermana Orgill

1- Intercambios with Hermana Sánchez :)
2- Capilla Abierta in Wilde!
3- My little golden friend, Juanita :) 
4- Hermana Juarez and I after church on Sunday :) 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Primavera! :)

It´s primavera here in Argentina!! Happy first day of spring :) I think the saying here is "September showers bring October flowers", because it has been raining almost all day ;)

We had our District Activity today and it was super fun! We all ate lunch together in the Chapel and then we went to a place here in Berazategui and played sand volleyball! Thankfully it didn´t start raining until we were just about finished playing :) Talk about MTC flashbacks! I absolutely loved playing sand volleyball during gym time in the MTC, and today it was just as fun! 

This week was crazy busy! Tuesday I had my first intercambio (companion exchange) as Capacitadora (sister missionary training leader). I went to the area of Gutierrez to work with Hermana Wood, a super sweet hermana from Utah. We had a great time together! She is a crack up! Before the mission, she did a lot of theater and acting, so you can imagine how well she immitates people and quotes movies and plays ;) it was great!

On Thursday, we had a big meeting with the Area President, Walter F. Gonzales. He came to talk to us about a few things, but especially about the importance of the Book of Mormon! He told us that any question that an investigator, street contact, or member has can be directed to the Book of Mormon! And I can add my testimony to what he said! The Book of Mormon never fails :) It is the word of God and it was written for OUR days! I hope you can all read a little more and study a bit more diligently in the Book of Mormon this week!

Saturday, our investigator, Ariel (16 years old), got baptized! Not too many members came, but the spirit was there and that´s what really matters :) His family came to support him and everything, which is a big milestone since his mom and dad haven´t been to church in over 10 years! He´s a great example to me and everyone around him! I know he will be a light in the darkness for his family and many others :)

All in all, it was quite the week! :) Take care everyone, love you!! Besos!

Con amor, Hermana Orgill

1- Sand volleyball with Hermana Juarez!
2- District super selfie ;)
3- Celebrating Sister Josefina Jancko´s birthday (member) with her and her husband, Walter (investigator).
4- Ariel´s Baptism :)
5- Intercambios with Hermana Wood :)

Monday, September 14, 2015

Every Member a Missionary :)

What a week of miracles! 

One of our investigators, Nicolas, finally accepted a baptismal date after many failed attempts. He never felt ready to commit because he has a problem to take care of before he can get baptized, but during a lesson with him we felt prompted to invite him to baptism again. At first he said no, but then the member couple that was with us shared their testimonies and the spirit hit Nicolas like a brick wall. He is such a great man, I know that the Savior is preparing him more and more each day! I learned a great lesson about the importance of members and missionary work that day! 

Then, we were walking down the street one day, and Hermana Juarez pulled me up to a blonde haired lady and told me to start speaking in English because she was a reference of one of the members in our ward, but that she only speaks English. So, with a bit of effort, I got to know her and we made an appointment to visit her at her house. Her name is Ruth and she moved here from England about 3 years ago, but still doesn`t know very much Spanish. I`ll be teaching my first lesson in English this week, that will be an adventure! :) 

We also had Stake Conference on Sunday. President Nuñez and hs wife spoke, as well as Elder Nicolas di Giovanni, of the Seventy I believe. They shared a few amazing experiences. They talked about how the Sabbath day should be a delight and how that there is no retirement age for the Lord`s work. They also talked a lot about magnifying our callings in the church! I loved every second of it :) 

Well, that`s all I have time to share this week! Here`s a great quote that my Grandma sent me this week, hopefully it can brighten your day :)

"Let us live the gospel.  Let it shine in our lives.  Let it shine in our faces.  Let it come through our actions.  Live the gospel.  Look to God and live."    -President Gordon B. Hinckley 

Love you all! Take care :)

Con amor, Hermana Orgill

1- The Hermanas in my Zone :)
2- Roasting Marshmallows! I`m a little out of practice ;)
3- Zone Conference: Hermana Sanchez, Hermana Wood, Hermana Juarez, and I.
4- Selfie at Stake Conference with President Nuñez`s son, Ignacio :) look at that bowtie! 

Monday, September 7, 2015

Faith brings miracles :)

What a busy week! :) 

After our District Meeting on Tuesday, a bunch of us went to a nearby Buffet for lunch! It was delicious! One of those "don`t put your elbows on the table, folded up napkin on your lap" kind of places :) The BBQ was delicious, the empanadas even better, and don`t even get me started about the desserts! (Don`t ask about the price... sorry mom ;) )

On Wednesday, I had my first Leadership Meeting with President Nuñez. It was really good, President Nuñez really knows how to motivate his missionaries! I left that meeting 100% committed to give my all during the entire week, which is exactly what my companion and I did! It was great! We contacted more people than I can count! I couldn`t be more satisfied and exhausted at the same time :)

Then our miracle of the week happened! We ate lunch with the Bishop and his family on Thursday, and while we were eating, we were talking about one of our investigators, Aldana. Aldana had her baptismal date for the end of this month because of a few minor problems, but she was beyond ready to be baptized! So we, along with the Bishop, felt like we should bring up the idea to move her baptism to that Saturday. At first I thought it would never work because it was such late notice, but then I remembered the scripture in Ether 12:12, that God can do no miracle among the children of men if they don`t have FAITH. So we said a little prayer in our hearts aaand... Aldana decided that she felt ready to be baptized that Saturday. Therefore, my testimony was strengthed and I know without a doubt that faith brings miracles :) The baptism was very spiritual and, even though I didn`t get the chance to help Aldana prepare much since I just got to this area, it was a blessing to be able to see her get baptized and confirmed. She has such a big heart, I know she is going to do amazing things in this ward, Berazategui :)

Love you all! Take care :)

Con amor, Hermana Orgill

1- Hermana Juarez, Aldana, and I at Aldana`s baptism :)
2- The 4 Hermanas at our Zone Activity today- a picnic, volleyball, and kickball!
3- Leadership meeting with my Hermanita Glazier :)