Monday, June 15, 2015

Winter has arrived!

Brrrr! It is cold! But the Lord`s work goes on! :) This week, my companion and I had a cool experience together, even though it started out with a terrible, horrible, no good very bad day! Everything had gone wrong that morning! It was windy, freezing cold, our appointments fell through, none of the references or less actives we had planned to visit were home, and to top it all off, my bike chain broke while we were at least a 40 minute walk from the nearest bike repair shop! We were pretty discouraged. So we said a little prayer and began our 40 minute walk home. Well, before we got even 2 blocks, we saw a woman walking along the street with an armful of groceries. We stopped and offered to help her, which is when she told us that she had met with the missionaries before and had even visited our church a few times. She agreed to meet with us the next week (this upcoming wednesday). All we could think was, wow! When we got back to our apartment, we looked for her name (Raquel) in our area book, which has the records of all investigators taught in the past, but her name wasn`t there! So if we hadn`t had the delay of my broken bike, we may have never had the chance to find her! The Lord works in mysterious ways :) 
I hope we can all look for the Lord`s hand in our lives this week. It is always there, even if we don`t recognize it at first :) love you all! Have an amazing week! 

Con amor, Hermana Orgill

1- Last time seeing President and Hermana Thurgood
2- We took a bus as a ward to Stake Conference in Los Hornos!
3- Stake Conference selfie :) Hermana Gonzalez and I

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