Monday, June 1, 2015

Cooking like crazy!

I was a baking queen this week! We had 2 Family Home Evenings, New Beginnings for the Young Women, and the birthday of Jazmine Bustamante, a member who always accompanies us to our lessons with investigators, and I baked chocolate chip cookies for each of these events! I think we completely used up our store of chocolate chips and flour for the week ;) and more! But it was worth it, it feels great to serve the members! Especially by giving them something sweet to eat :)

This week, we had a cool experience with the Cristobal Family. They introduced us (again) to more members of their family, Pilar and Paola. After a lesson with all of them about obedience and the ten commandments, we invited them to baptism. They were all really excited! Except, pretty much no one in Olmos is married, so Pilar accepted to a wedding date first. The spirit was so strong! Nothing feels better than inviting people to come unto Christ :)

Today for P-day, we had our District Activity! We went to a park in my old area, La Plata 1, and guess who we found?! Indira!! She was one of my investigators, and is about to be baptized :) I can`t wait to get the good news when it actually happens! She owns an ice cream and pizza shop, and that`s where we had lunch after playing frisbee in the park. It was a BEAUTIFUL day outside too, such a blessing because it has been freezing cold the past week! :)

Love you all! Happy Summer Break! (while I`m here freezing my fingers off ;)) Take care!!

Con amor, Hermana Orgill

1- Zone Conference, our last one with President and Hermana Thurgood before the mission splits in July!
2- District Activity- Frisbee in the Park!
3- Indira and I :)

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