Monday, June 8, 2015

NDH :)

Wow, I have never had so many NDH`s (Noche de Hogar or Family Home Evening) in one week before! We had one with our investigator, Balta, one with a less active family, Rosana and Raul Paco, and one with a recent convert family, the Huallpa family. We shared a different message in each one of them, played a game, and then ate dessert! They were all a lot of fun :) sorry I don`t have much time to be more specific!

My companion and I taught the Gospel Doctrines class on Sunday. It was about the gift of the Holy Ghost. My companion had a cold and had lost her voice, so I had to talk most of the time. Luckily the spirit was with us and everything went well :) it was a great Sunday, Balta came to church and stayed for all 3 hours! Also, we had fast and testimony meeting, which is always a spiritual boost for the week! 

Today was more of a relaxed P-day. My companion and I made tacos and watched a church movie together with the other two hermanas in our area. It was great, tacos are delicious!! :) 

Here`s a quote I read this week from the October 2014 Liahona:
"Calm seas don`t carry barges to the promised land- stormy seas do." (Ether 6:5-8) 

Take care :) love you all!

Con amor, Hermana Orgill

1- Hermana Gonzales and I :)
2- Tacos!!
3- Noche de Hogar with the Huallpa family!

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