Monday, March 28, 2016

Attitudes are contagious... is yours worth catching? :)
March 21, 2016

Happy first day of Fall! :)

We traveled to La Plata again this week for a Gira Misional (Mission Tour) with Elder Spitale (Area 70) from Córdoba, Argentina! 6 more hours in a bus, yay! But the talk we had with Elder Spitale was amazing! It has really made a difference in the week! :) He talked a lot about attitudes and the importance of opening our mouths to talk with everyone! So my companion and I decided to put it to the test and WOW! Miracles!
The day after the chat with Elder Spitale, we tried even harder than usual to talk with everyone and to have a positive attitude. Before lunchtime, 2 of our appointments had fallen through and I had a giant headache, but that didn`t stop us! We kept going hard and the blessings came! We found so many families who were willing to listen to our message and make follow up appointments for later on in the week! We found one woman, named Doris, who had all the golden questions a missionary loves to hear: what`s the difference between your church and all the other churches out there? How can I know which one is true? It was amazing! We left her with a Book of Mormon and an appointment to go back and see her! A little miracle :)
On Sunday, we had 4 investigators in church: Karen, Aylen, Facundo, and Victor! That was quite the little miracle as well, since almost everyone in Villa Gesell works on Sunday. That`s one of the biggest challenges here. We`re really seeing a lot of progress in Gesell! The Lord is busy at work and so are we! :)
Today for P-day, our District got together in Villa Gesell to play sand volleyball at the beach (now that beach season is over and all the tourists have fled). It was a blast! Never have I enjoyed the feel of sand between my toes so much before :)
Honestly, a week to remember!
Take care everyone :) love you all!
Con amor, Hermana Orgill
1- Crazy Companionship Selfies :)
2- Beach volleyball with the District! 
3- WAFFLES with Dulce de leche and bananas :) heaven!
4- On the bus to La Plata to the Gira Misional!
5- We stayed the night in the apartment of my first area, La Plata 1! With my lovely Hermana Glazier and Hermana Ccorrahua :) Slept on the floor... but still a fun time!

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