Monday, December 21, 2015

Happy Post-Thanksgiving! :) November 30, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all enjoyed a big slice of turkey! I didn`t feast on turkey this year, but chicken is close enough right? :) The Martinez family made a nice Thanksgiving dinner for us this week (the same family that threw us the Halloween party). It was great!! They even made pumpkin pie! :) The members are such a blessing here, I couldn`t be more grateful for all they do for us! 

This week went by a little slow because I got sick on Wednesday and I still have a nasty cough! But I`m alive :) We went to a wedding that morning, which was quite the experience! We got to watch the ceremony and then throw rice as they walked out :) I couldn`t stop laughing at all the little kids because they were literally PELTING the newly married couple right in the face with the rice because they were so excited! Gotta love em :)

Our investigator, Silivia, continues progressing and surprising me each day! We have been teaching her about the Holy Ghost and how she can have him with her as a constant companion once she is baptized. She connects the dots so well and surprised me when she told me that her body is like a house for the spirit, so if her "house" is dirty, the spirit won`t want to be there! She is seriously golden :) We`re praying hard for her each day so that she can keep following in 
Christ´s footsteps :) 

Today for P-day we had a big water balloon fight! It was perfect weather for it too: HOT! Summer has arrived early this year! :) Then we had a little picnic in the grass afterwards. I think I may have eaten a few little crawly critters... but hey, it`s just protein right? ;) It was a great day!

Take care everyone, love you all :)

Con amor, Hermana Orgill

1- The newly married couple :) I was in exchanges with Hermana Callis that day
2- Our Thanksgiving dinner with the Martinez family :)
3- District Activity Selfie!
4- Our picnic after the water fight :)
5- Hermana Magdaleno and I preparing for the water balloon war ;)

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