Monday, October 26, 2015

One year! :)

One year has come and gone! :) Time flies by! 

On Tuesday I had an intercambio with Hermana Sánchez from Draper, Utah. It was great! She`s a crack up :) Then, right after ending our intercambio on Wednesday, my companion surprised me with a trip to the temple! While I was gone in the intercambio, she organized everything so that we could go to the temple with our recent convert, Aldana, to do baptism`s for the dead and to celebrate my 1 year in the mission! It was the sweetest thing ever :) Thursday was my 1 year mark! Hermana Juarez seriously went the extra mile, she even woke up early to cook a "gringo" breakfast for me! I woke up to french toast, pancakes, banana cupcakes, and orange juice! Talk about a feast! :) 

Friday morning I had to do tramites, which is the paperwork so that I can stay in Argentina for 6 more months. So we spent our entire morning in Quilmes. Then we taught Siliva, the mom of 7 kids that we found last week. She told us that she has been looking for one church to join, and that she wants it to be the church that God tells her to join! Golden! She understood the message of the Restoration really well! Then we passed by yesterday to give the family a little birthday cake for her son, Maxi, and she told us that she had been reading the Book of Mormon and that she had marked a few questions that she has! Double golden! Gotta love it! :) 

Saturday we ate asado (BBQ) with the Jancko family to celebrate my 1 year as well! It was sooo delicious, we left their house more than stuffed! They are such an amazing family!! Then, literally 30 seconds after leaving their house, we had a little run in with robbers. They came by on a motorcycle and wanted our cell phone, even though I`m sure they would have tossed it back at us because it`s such a dinosaur! But nothing happened, all is well :) Heavenly Father watches out for his missionaries! 

Today has been a very relaxed P-day, it`s the end of the month so we`re pretty poor ;) We spent the day relaxing in the apartment and eating some delicious ham and cheese sandwiches! It was a good week :) 

OH yeah! We have been asked that the packages sent to us aren`t much bigger than an adult male`s shoebox! So keep that in mind please :) thank you!! 

Love you all! Take care :) besos!!

Con amor, Hermana Orgill

1- Asado with the Jancko family! Love them :)
2- Hermana Juarez and I at the temple :)
3- One year! 
4- My "Gringo" breakfast ;) thanks to Hermana Juarez!
5- Ice cream and Intercambios with Hermana Sánchez! :) 

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