Monday, October 19, 2015

Happy Mother`s Day.. Again! :)

What a week! :) 

Well... I got sick with a head cold on Thursday and it lasted until Sunday! That wasn`t the highlight of my week ;) but I`m feeling much better now! On Saturday, we were running around all day like chickens with their heads cut off preparing for Brisa`s baptism! (Being sick didn`t help) Baptism days are always fun but stressful :) luckily, we didn`t have any problems with the baptismal font this time! Last time, the water faucet was broken and we couldn`t get the font filled up until the very last minute! But most important, Brisa got baptized and she looked absolutley adorable in her little white dress :) it was a very sweet day!

Sunday was Mother`s Day here in Argentina, so Saturday night, Hermana Juarez and I got busy working on a little surprise for the moms in our ward! We made little boxes out of posterboard paper, just big enough to hold a little cupcake inside :) it turned out very well, we even had a few teary-eyed moms give us a big hug! So, although it`s not Mother`s Day in the States, I just want to say THANK YOU to all you amazing moms and Daughters of God! Love you all :) 
We had a few cool experiences during street contacting as well! We found an older man, sweeping outside in the front of his house. We offered to help him and got started talking, and just like that, he told us he was very interested in our message and he invited us to go back during the week! That definitely doesn`t happen every day :)

We also found a HUGE family on Mother`s Day: Silvia (a single mom) with her 7 kids and 2 grandkids! They were outside on their front lawn, just soaking in the sun, and I felt like we should talk to them and tell them happy mother`s day! Well, it turns out that they have talked with the Elders before and they invited us to go back and share our message with them as well! They were very friendly :) Yay for families!!

Today for P-day, we went to the River in La Plata! To be honest, it looks more like a beach! It`s huge! We played a little soccer, but mostly just took pictures :) Sadly the sun wasn`t shining, but it was still a good time :)

Take care everyone, love you all! :) And Happy Mother`s Day ;) 

Con amor, Hermana Orgill

1- Brisa`s Baptism :)
2- Happy Mother`s Day: Argentina style ;)
3- District Selfie at the river!
4- Crazy hair, don`t care ;D

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