Monday, July 6, 2015

Mission switch!!

Well, I´m officially a missionary in the Argentina Buenos Aires East Mission now! My mission split in half this week, I have a new mission president and everything! We have a big meeting in the city La Plata to meet him, his name is President Nuñez from Chile. It´s pretty exciting! :)

Also, Happy 4th of July! I didn´t get to celebrate it much here, obviously since it´s a USA holiday ;) but it was quite the party this week with the big Argentina vs. Chile soccer game! There was absolutly NO ONE in the streets during the game and NO ONE answered the door for us. Argentines are very serious about their fútbol! Unfortunately for Argentina, Chile came out on top. But my companion (Hermana González from chile) was unusually upbeat the next day :)

Saturday we got the chance to help Los Hornos with another Tormenta Blanca, which is where the members and the missionaries split up and go visit as many people as possible. Even though I wasn´t used to being apart from my companion, the woman who became my temporary companion is amazing! She served a full-time mission in Chile and is now the mother of 4, with a 5th on the way. She is very Very pregnant, yet she still fulfills her calling as the Young Womans President and she spent her valuable Saturday morning visiting her fellow brothers and sisters. She is a great example of sacrifice and true conversion to the gospel! We got to visit 3 families together, it was a great experience! :)

Fast Sunday was amazing this week!! We had 85 members come! I think that is the most I have ever seen in the chapel here in Olmos :) I shared my testimony, along with my companion and the other companionship of sisters in our area, and even felt a little nervous looking out at all the people! It was amazing to see soo many people that I have come to know and love, all together to remember the Savior, Jesus Christ, on the Sabbath day :) Also, our recent convert, Baltazar, received the Priesthood during church! Hopefully he can make it to the ward temple trip on July 25th to do baptisms for the dead!

Have an amazing week everyone! Love you all :)

Con amor, Hermana Orgill

1- Family Home Evening with the Paco family- Build our lives on the rock, which is Jesus Christ!
2- Future Missionary- Jazmine Bustamante! Received her call to Salta, Argentina :)
3- Olmos Ward Family Home Evening!

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