Monday, January 5, 2015

Bienvenidos a 2015!

Happy New Year!! :) This week started off with quite the funny story: my companion getting locked in the bathroom in our apartment! The door handle broke and she ended up being stuck in there for an entire hour! I tried my best to get her out, but eventually we had to call for backup. I will never forget her face when she was finally free from our tiny bathroom, pobrecita! 
We spent New Year´s Eve in our apartment, fiesta!! We ate pizza and ice cream, watched Frozen and Monster´s University, and looked for fireworks on the roof! I´d say my last night in 2014 is definitely one to remember :) 
I got to start the new year off with my first intercambio (companion exchange)! And guess what? The area that I went to for 24 hours was a biking area! Doesn´t that sound fun ;) Actually, it was! I spent the day with Hermana Nava in an area called Citybell. It´s a very cute and relaxed town, it reminded me a little of Park City actually. I focused on listening to the promptimgs of the Spirit during this time and I learned sooo much! Funny how that works ;) I was extremely tired and my rearend was sore at the end of it all, but it was still a great experience! 
Because of the holidays and it´s summer vacation here, this week was slow with investigators. Many of our appointments fell through and there aren´t very many people to talk to in the streets... BUT through prayer and positive thinking, we received our New Year´s Miracle! We met Mari, our newest possible investigator! She owns a vegetable shop and is one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met! She was very open to hearing our message, especially about how families can be together forever! Heavenly Father answers prayers everyone :)
Love you all! Stay safe!
Con mucho Amor, Hermana Orgill

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