Monday, December 15, 2014

It´s raining cats and DOGS!

This week went by pretty quickly! I almost can´t believe it´s already Pday again! I love summer storms! We´ve had quite a few thunderstorms this week! They really help bring down the temperature, which is a huge tender mercy in this heat :) I had a cool experience earlier this week too. I got to help one of the members of our ward learn English. She´s taking an English course in college and needed help with pronunciation, so she had me read some sentences aloud while she recorded them (that was a little weird), but I was happy to help!!
Today we had a district activity, yayy! We made a huge Peruvian lunch and then had a big water balloon fight! That was a blast :) I´m loving Argentina more and more each day! Love you all, thanks for everything :) be safe! Feliz Navidad!
Con mucho amor, Hermana Orgill

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