Monday, January 25, 2016

The Everyday Powers of Christ!

HOT HOT HOT! This week has been super hot outside, up in the high 90´s, with a high level of humidty as well! I´ve never taken the phrase that the members always say to us so seriously: "Caminan por the sombra Hermanas!" (or "Walk in the shade Sisters!") It has been quite the adventure :) luckily the people have pity on us and invite us in to share a message, drink a glass of ice water, and rest for a moment. So that´s always a plus!

We got to teach a new investigator this week, named Gustavo. He´s the husband of a recent convert here and has recently shown interest in listening to the missionaries. So we shared with him and his family a little message about love and unity in home and family. It was great! He even went to church on Sunday, which was quite the surprise, because he´s kind of a stubborn man and refused to wake up early on one of his only days off of work. But anything is possible in the Lord´s work! :)

I had an intercambio with Hermana Cannon this week! I don´t know if some of you remember, but I was in the MTC with Hermana Cannon! We arrived to Argentina the same day! But she had an accident playing soccer and had to go home for a few months, but she´s back now and we got to spend 24 hours together! She´s such a sweet sister and we got to work hard together as a companionship for the first time! 

Today for P-day, we had our Zone Activity. Our Zone leaders planned a big Amazing Race activity, so we were running around Quilmes all morning, looking for the next clue, trying to finish with the best time! My companion and I finished 3rd out of 12, so not bad :) It was a fun experience, even with the heat! Then we all went and got pizza afterwards!

Our District Leader shared something with us in our meeting last week that I really liked:

The Everyday Powers of Christ

Cleansing Power
Healing Power
Restoring Power
Identifying Power
Strengthening Power
Transforming Power

I know, with all my heart, that through Jesus Christ, we can do all things. He has the power to cleanse and heal even the deepest wounds and to strengthen and transform us into the divine beings that we can become :) I love this gospel!

Con amor, Hermana Orgill

1- Happy Birthday to our ward mission leader´s wife, Hermana Galvan :)
2- Selfie at the Zone Activity!
3- Loving life with Hermana Magdaleno as my companion :) (she may or may not have told me to put that...)  ;)

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  1. I see that you had a nice week. Don't forget to say 'thank you, God'. Don't forget that you are blessed to have such nice people around you.
    Kind regards,