Monday, November 9, 2015


Argentina is warming up!! This week has been super hot and humid, I hoped that summer wouldn`t arrive so soon! But it`s here and it`s gonna be brutal! ;) Thankfully, it rained today and the temperature dropped a bit. 

Well, sunday was an absolutely amazing day! We worked super hard again this week to help our investigators get to church, and we finally saw los frutos (the fruits) of our labor! :) Our investigator, Silvia, went to church with her 12 year old son, Gonzalo. She is golden! We taught about keeping the sabbath day holy in sunday school class and Silvia understood perfectly! She asked so many great questions, it blew me away! Heavenly Father is definitely preparing his children, and Silvia is prepared :) 

The husband (Leandro) of one of our investigators (Karina) also went to church on Sunday, which was a miracle, because he has been inactive for over 10 years! They also have a home bakery business which makes it difficult to go to church on Sundays, but they´ve decided to close for at least one hour to go to sacrament meeting next week. Hopefully we can get them to attend church as a family next Sunday! Miracles happen every day! 

We also got to see one of the less active families that we have been working with go to church, the Rivera family! They looked so cute sitting together in sacrament meeting: Mom, dad, and their 2 little ones. I`ve been studying a lot about eternal families to try and find a way to help them realize all the blessings they can receive by living the gospel! I know that families can be together forever. It`s one of the greatest blessings we can receive from our Father in Heaven :) 

For P-day today, we ate lunch at BURGER KING with our recent convert, Aldana! It has been sooo long since I ate a good ole fast food burger with french fries! I got a triple bacon stacker, it was pretty delicious :) But I paid a fortune... so it will probably be a one time thing haha It`s weird that in the USA, fast food is one of the cheapest foods you can buy, but here in Argentina, it`s one of the most expensive! But it was worth it just this once :) Then we got ice cream at Grido afterwards! It was a "stuff-your-face" kind of day ;) 

Take care everyone! Love you!

Con amor, Hermana Orgill

1- Happy 6 months in the mission Hermana Juarez!! 
2- The three of us at Burger King :) Aldana, Hermana Juarez, and I
3- Yay for Burger King! :)
4- And yay for Grido ice cream! :)

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