Monday, April 13, 2015

Bienvenidos a Olmos!

What a change in scenery! I am definitely not in La Plata 1 anymore ;) Sooo many things happened this week! The good news is that we got new bikes! Yay!! :) But the sad news is... our bathroom shower flooded this week, so we basically had a mini swimming pool in our kitchen. Also the exterminators came because we have a little bug problem, so we´ve been cleaning up dead bugs for the past three days. And these are just the adventures INSIDE the apartment!

Outside of the apartment, we had the opportunity to serve one of our investigator families, the family Cristobal, by working with them in their Quintas (which are like giant gardens or greenhouses). That was a new experience for me, it felt great to serve! And they were so excited to teach us how to harvest the plants and everything :) We also had a Family Home Evening lesson with a really big family in our ward. We talked about desires and how our desires determine our actions. We used the example of baking cookies. We started off with the desire to eat cookies, then we found all of the ingredients, put in the work to make them, waited while they baked, and then we had what we desired: cookies!! But while we were making the cookies, Hermana Wilson had a little accident. She had the electric mixer in the mixing bowl full of butter and sugar, but when she plugged it in, it was already turned on to level 6! Butter and sugar went flying EVERYWHERE! It was quite the scene, I could hardly get myself to stop laughing long enough to help her clean it up :) I guess the moral of the story is: be careful what you wish for ;)

I´m really learning to love this new area, and my companion and I get along really well! Even though I´m not in the city anymore, the Lord´s work hasn´t changed. I´m excited to work hard and serve the people of Olmos! :) That´s why I´m here afterall!
I hope you all have an amazing week :) The church is true!

Con mucho amor, Hermana Orgill

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